Free Fact Friday: Social Media Set Times for Engagement

  • Did you know that there are better times and days to release your posts on your favorite social media sites? Traffic patterns are higher and lower. Think about it. For most people who work 9-5 jobs and have weekend plans, there are certain times when they can and can’t (or do and don’t) check their FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to see what’s happening in the world. Here’s a link to a great article that expands more on that topic. And below is my personal graph. I noted the times and days that spam emails came in from various companies to see when their marketing team felt would produce the greatest chances for my receipt of their solicitation. Why not take a week or two to track your inbox and note similarities or differences?
Twitter 7 pm 1 pm 12:10 pm
Facebook 9:08 am
Panera 7:19 pm 9:53 am
Walgreens 4 & 2:59pm
Michael’s 1:11 am 1am 2:27 am 2:56 am
Orbitz noon 11:56 am 1:49 pm 7:47 am
Kohl’s 6:02 am 9:09 am 6:11 am 6:04 am
Shutterfly 7:29 am
Snapfish 4:05 am 4:04 pm
Toys r us 9:00 am
Tires Plus 10:51 am

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