Free Fact Friday: The Author’s Trinity

  • I don’t know about you, but I get saturated sometimes with looking at stuff. My computer, my iPhone, my TV, my iPad…the list goes on. Sometimes, my eyes need a break. There are endless blogs and videos that share amazing information, and you probably even host some of your own. But what about the ears? You can expand your audience by including podcasts that correlate with your blog posts and videos. On MailChimp Monday, I sent out a step-by-step blog with pictures, coupled with a video demonstration. I know it worked better than just having the blog because of the feedback I received. Now, imagine taking that same information and podcasting it. You’ve now produced the same material in 3 different markets for 3 different users, or enhanced the experience for one, not to mention catching people on their commute, in the gym, or walking their dog…places where most people find their only “down” time to in which to catch your awesomeness. I’ll be going through my own experience setting up a podcast and producing my first show on this MailChimp Monday. In the meantime, check it out on iTunes under The Right Engle where I discuss all things science fiction & fantasy (with further details at

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