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  1. Hi folks,
    I’d love to register, but (Hate to admit it), but I was a homeless Army Vet for two years living in a tent. I have no income right now, working on it. However, I have for the first time written my first of a series of three books. Over thirty chapters have been completed and…It seems LOL, that each time I re-read my work, there is a continual amount of editing. Weird. When I think the chapter is good and a week or two return and re-read it, I change it and change it and keep changing it. I suppose it’s normal?

    Thanks for allowing me to say hello and, I do plan to follow you until I can register.
    Greg Russell

    There is a blog on my LinkedIn page if you want to see a snip about “Spider Island”

    • I’m so excited to hear about your book series. We hope that things turn around for you in the near future. I work with homeless vets through the American Legion throughout the year and Christine serves in the Reserves. Hope to see you at a future event!

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