Jeff Herman

“Having Jaimie Engle edit my novel was a fantastic experience. Not only does she have the technical expertise to line edit effectively and the writing skill to bolster plot weaknesses, but she balances delivering the necessary fixes with the encouragement and support that takes any sting out of the process. I highly recommend her services to any writers readying their work for submission or publication.” –Jeff Herman, Author, The Source Labyrinth

Jackie L. Smith, Ph.D.

“I would sincerely recommend Jaimie Engle for editing services. She polished and “fixed” my personal errors to do an incredible job. It gave me back my pride in my writing. Her fees are very reasonable and she keeps to her scheduled promises.” –Jackie L. Smith, Ph.D., Author, Throw-A-Ways

Gordon England

“I thought my novel was in good shape until I sent it to Jaimie for review. She picked up all those nasty punctuation drops, word repeats, cap errors etc. She also made suggestions for adding a couple of more intense scenes that kept the story flowing tightly. Now my work is polished well and in production. Her work will help any writer.” –Gordon England, Author, Cuban Raft Voyage

Mark Harris

“Jaimie Engle is a GREAT editor. I have taught writing and grammar for 23 years, and she made many, many needed edits and corrections that I missed entirely. She also gave me several key content edits and suggestions, as well as constant encouragement! She did all of this in an entirely helpful, completely professional, and very timely manner. I recommend her highly, to any writer, whether new or experienced.” –Mark Harris, Author, Fire in the Bones

LeeAnn Werner

“After two false starts with other editors, I appreciated Jaimie’s timely edits and feedback. Her suggestions helped me take my story to the next level.” –LeeAnn Werner, Author, What We Create

Christina Benjamin

“I love working with Jaimie M. Engle. Her editing has helped polish my writing and make my work shine. I’ve learned a lot from her and am a better writer for it!” –Christina Benjamin, Award Winning Author, The Geneva Project Series

Praba Soundararajan

“Jaimie is an extremely talented editor and I truly enjoyed working with her on my “first” children’s book manuscript. Her knowledge in the field of editing and publishing is enormous and she helped me turn my passion on writing stories for elementary school children into a “book.” I am thrilled to strongly recommend her”. –Praba Soundararajan, CEO & Founder Boon-Dah! LLC

Michelle Riddle

“Jaimie’s presence in our Young Writer’s Camps has supported our mission as an organization – to celebrate every student’s unique voice and empower them to be a positive influence in their community. We appreciate you Jaimie! Thanks!” –Michelle Riddle, Coordinator with Page 15

Vincent Courtney

“I truly enjoyed working with Jaimie promoting my popular writing course website “Scary Good Writing with Mr. Butt and Bonefish.” She is a hustler and does what she says she’s going to do. I recommend her if you want a hard working advocate for your product.” –Vincent Courtney, Author of 17 books with Kensington Publishing and Random House Kids. http://www.writebrane.com/

Mitch Ribak

“I’ve been working with Jaimie for the past 4 months on my new book. Not only is she excellent with her knowledge of editing, writing and publishing, she is a great source of feedback. With her input, I’m positive my new book has a better opportunity to become much more successful than I could have possibly done by myself. If you are writing or starting to write a book, Jaimie is a must have on your team! Thank you Jaimie for all your help!” –Mitch Ribak, Author, So You’ve Got Your Real Estate License…Now What?

Hadley Lowe

“Jaimie is thorough and passionate. She goes above and beyond the job of an editor; she believes in her clients, is a force of encouragement and will always be respectful of the author. Thank you Jaimie!!” -Hadley Frances Lowe, Author, Percival

Leslie Maloney

“Jaimie’s edits and suggestions for my book “Things to Remember as You Fly from the Nest” were thorough and insightful. Her can-do attitude encouraged and nurtured me through the writing and publishing process. I highly recommend her help in making your book the best it can be!” –Leslie Maloney, Author, Things to Remember as You Fly From the Nest

Ron Sisson

“Jaime led a joint effort to rewrite a true-life river adventure that happened in 1976 to me and two of my children. Working with Jaimie has been an absolute pleasure and one of my most rewarding experiences. I have been surprised at how smoothly and quickly we were able to arrive at a finished chapter that we both really liked. Having an engineering background and direct knowledge of the adventure, I tended to approach it from a real and non-imaginary point of view. On the other hand, Jaimie has a great imagination and is experienced in writing for children. Working with Jaimie has been a joy and something I shall never forget. I hope we can work together on future projects.” –Ron Sisson, Author Lost on Big Otter River

Tom Russell

“It’s a daunting challenge when you decide to write your first novel and get it published. Jaimie has a simple step-by-step plan to not only help you in the writing process, but more importantly how to find the right publisher to get your book out to the market. I would highly recommend utilizing her talent to anyone who has a dream to write a book.” –Tom Russell, Author, Finding Your True North: A Bullied Teen’s Journey of Hope

Debbie Johnson

“I worked with Jaimie as the illustrator for her book, “Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light”. Jaimie was a delight to work with – professional, organized, and talented. We were able to easily communicate ideas and concepts and work on revisions which ended up making the book a wonderful piece.” –Debbie Waldorf Johnson, Author & Illustrator

Kandi Siegel

“I met Jaimie Engle through the Space Coast Writers Guild. She edited two of my three books and I owe my success to her proficiency in editing. Not only did she edit my books, but she met with me in person after she finished working on my first book and took the time to show me certain things that I was doing wrong. These constructive criticisms made my second book easier to write, and for Jaimie to edit. I’m now working on my next book and I’m finding my writing is flowing easier because I keep hearing Jaimie’s voice in my head saying, “All quotes are new paragraphs; don’t use the same word over and over in the same paragraph; quotations go outside the punctuation marks,” etc., etc., etc., I highly recommend Jaimie to all my book writing friends. She didn’t just stop working when she finished editing my books, either. She’s been a great cheerleader in my book selling. She has molded me into a better writer and for that I thank her, BIG TIME!!!” –Kandi Siegel, Award-Winning Author

L.E. Perez

“I recently attended a two-part seminar at the Orange County Central Library entitled Revise & Submit. We went over the infamous Query Letter and the endless writer’s pursuit for an agent. Both topics were more than intimidating but I have to say that the presenters made the topic not only enjoyable, but also easily understandable. Jaimie Engle and Christine Edwards were able to answer questions and provide anecdotal information regarding the query process. I would definitely attend another seminar presented by them and welcome the opportunity to do so. My suggestion? You all should do the same.” –L.E. Perez, Author, Beauty of Fear

Christine Edwards

“My speculative fiction manuscript has had five partial/full requests from literary agents, and I’m certain it’s because of Jaimie’s keen eye for detail. Her line and plot edits made my final manuscript crisp and enhanced the story I set out to tell. Jaimie and I have been editing this manuscript since 2012 and have poured over every single word from the rough draft to the query letter multiple times. The results speak for themselves, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.” –Christine Edwards, Author, Catalyst: Decay Chains

Sharon Cronk-Raby

“Thank you very much for the writing workshops this week in the Melbourne Writing Center of Eastern Florida State College. I have heard nothing but positive comments all week about your writing seminars. Your positive demeanor and conversational presentation style allow the audience to be set at ease, which further allows participants to absorb your wealth of knowledge shared during these sessions. People I talked to felt a connection to you, which prompted their willingness to share their own ideas and ask a range of questions.” -–Sharon Cronk-Raby, Melbourne Writing Center Coordinator, EFSC

Beth Meggs

“Mrs. Engle taught my son in a high school writing and literature class. She is an amazing teacher! She relates well to all ages with her excellent sense of humor, and communication abilities. Jaimie is gifted in the area of writing, and is a great source of inspiration and guidance in this process.” –Beth Meggs, homeschool mom and artist

Susan Reiter

“Jaimie is willing to come out to your class and tell her story of how Clifton developed into a story and the tenacity it took to get the book published. She can bring books which she will also autograph when students purchase them. While visiting at Quest Elementary School, Jaimie read aloud from the book along with my students. Everyone took a character parts (like Reader’s Theatre) which thoroughly engaged my gifted students who begged us to “just read one more chapter together.” A teacher’s resource to accompany the novel will be available in the autumn of 2014.” –Susan Reiter, gifted resource teacher, Quest Elementary School

Becky & Steve Hoyle

“Jaimie was my 15 year old son’s tutor for English Literature and Composition in a small homeschool co-op class setting of three students. She quickly became his favorite tutor but more importantly, she inspired our somewhat apathetic learner to strive for excellence in his writing skills. He has since requested a creative writing class for next year with again, his ‘favorite tutor.’ He creates stories and has begun writing several short stories with the goal of publishing them in the future. What a difference she has made in our boy’s life. We are grateful for Ms. Jaimie!!” –Becky and Steve Hoyle, homeschool parents



  1. I thought my novel was in good shape until I sent it to Jamie for review. She picked up all those nasty punctuation drops, word repeats, cap errors etc. She also made suggestions for adding a couple of more intense scenes that kept the story flowing tightly. Now my work is polished well and in production. Her work will help any writer
    Gordon England

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